Former Mayor Nagin’s Trial Nears Conclusion!

Ray Nagin Arriving at his Trial in New Orleans

Ray Nagin Arriving at his Trial in New Orleans

UPDATE February 13- Former mayor Ray Nagin was found guilty of 20 of 21 charges. Happy Days! Good bye Ray Nagin. Feel bad for his family, however. They suffer as 3rd party innocents.

UPDATE February 11, 2014.The Jury is out in the Ray Nagin Trial. The jury didn’t meet today because of some unspecified problem with the jury. They go back to deliberations tomorrow. They met for 3 hours on Monday. I’m rooting for the Feds in this case. I’m hoping Nagin goes down.

It’s been a fascinating trial. Ray Nagin is one smart cookie.  He got greedy so he’s on trial in federal court but he’s nobody’s fool, especially the prosecutors. You would have to say that Nagin kept his cool while the prosecutor lost his temper a bit in court last week.

Another fascinating aspect- for every piece of evidence entered into the case by the prosecution, Nagin had an alternative explanation- he wasn’t involved.  He was absolute in his resolution,  but his appearance on the stand is very hard to believe. In total, his testimony didn’t seem to be truthful. When witness after witness and document after document say you did something, you can say you didn’t but will the jury believe you?

Ray Nagin on Phone

Ray Nagin on Phone

My point of view doesn’t count, only the jury’s opinion do. Nevertheless, it seems to me that the prosecution did a good job of putting on their case. They provided a litany of evidence and supported it well with credible witnesses, five of whom stated they bribed Nagin directly or aided in passing on cash or gifts to him.

Nagin was downright amazing. He’s  convinced himself he’s done no wrongdoing, and I think he’s crazy. He spoke well and presented his alternate case admirably. Closing arguments should begin next week and the jury will receive their instructions. I’m hoping he’s convicted, but we shall have to wait and see.

Nagin has had a lasting affect on New Orleans. Mitch Landrieu’s election and re-election recently is a direct result of Nagin’s shameful behavior as Mayor on so many levels. Voters’ remorse elected Landrieu.

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