OPP Consent Decree Is Damaging Prisoners Daily

Unforeseen consequences are the name of this game and it’s not very pretty. The OPP consent decree’s effect has been felt by every prisoner in a negative and very basic way daily.

My sources inside OPP tell me the prisoners are starving! Yes they still get three squares, but a small change has reduced the portion size and the freshness of the meals.

Prisoners no longer serve the food.  Pre-portioned trays are now served. The portion size has shrunk drastically. One of the main coping mechanisms for locally incarcerated people is you won’t go to bed hungry.  When the prisoners serve the food, at least the servings were large.

The following paragraph is from Prisoner Food Service in England

Food plays a major role for prisoners. It conditions their life in custody and in many respects is symbolic of the prison experience. It relieves boredom and the monotony of a routine existence is also a catalyst for aggression. An ill-designed menu, inadequate portion sizes, lack of variety and poorly cooked food can contribute to serious complaints and dissension.  In addition, surplus food, which is no longer available, is often seen as jailhouse currency, and used to barter for other goods in the underground economy.

Orleans Parish Prison has featured mystery meat on their sandwiches for decades. Only the brand has changed.

Question Mark Mystery Meat

Question Mark Mystery Meat

Saving money on prisoners’ rations is an age old practice.  The cheaper the food, the more money saved.

He’s a non violent offender who never carries a weapon. He’s got a family and usually has a job but was unemployed when he was recently arrested for the last time. He has deep ties to the community that go back decades.

Spiral of Death From Heroin

Spiral of Death From Heroin


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