Irvin Mayfield is Indicted!

How the mighty have fallen! What a wonderful crooked pair Irvin Mayfield and Ray Nagin make. That’s a dream pairing if I ever heard of one. One is in jail and the other will be there soon.  Nagin made Mayfield New Orleans’ cultural ambassador, and Nagin paid Mayfield’s New Orleans Jazz Orchestra  $1.6 million over two years. That’s a lot of misdirected cheddar. I don’t see how Irvin can keep out of jail as he stole big bucks from the people of New Orleans. Ray is currently serving his 10 year sentence for corruption.

Mayfield is a talented man who lost his big revenue source and resorted to stealing. Where was his moral compass?  Nowhere in sight.

New Orleans’ Trumpeter Irvin Mayfield in Happier Days

The indictments make the argument that Markham made – that the funds went to pay for the brand new New Orleans Jazz Market in central city- completely false. The indictment accused Mayfield and Markham of conspiracy; four counts of wire fraud; a money laundering conspiracy; an obstruction count for allegedly falsifying Library Foundation board minutes; and 11 counts of money laundering.

They are linked again in the fraud indictment handed down this week. Mayfield’s ethics began to change when mayor Mitch Landrieu took office. The $1.6 million vanished with Landrieu in charge. The indictment mentions Mayfield and fellow library foundation board member Ronald Markham, a long term friend of Mayfield and co-defendant.

His jazz orchestra was losing a lot of money, probably due to bad management.  He needed an influx of cash fast. It didn’t take Mayfield long to start moving money from the library’s coffers to his own- he made 17 money transfers. That is really cold. To rip off the library board? Really doesn’t speak well of Mayfield as a man with good judgement.

Some of bills Mayfield paid with the stolen funds are- a $20,000 shopping trip at Saks Fifth Avenue; $2,000 visit to Harrah’s Casino; stays in fancy high priced New York City hotels; and $64,000 for a Mayfield produced show at one of the best known halls anywhere, New York’s Carnegie Hall; and $20,000 for Mayfield Productions.

Edouard Quatrevaux, Inspector General for the City of New Orleans, Tuesday, November 10, 2009 .

Several more illegal acts were saved for the cover up. Mayfield made false statements to auditors; submitted phony board meeting minutes; and made false statements in memos to other board members.

Mayfield faces another charge, this time an added mail fraud count for taking delivery of a 24 karat, gold-plated trumpet, supposedly paid for with $15,000 in Library Foundation funds routed through the Youth Rescue Initiative.

Nagin did all he could to aid Mayfield’s career. In 2009, Nagin attempted to give Mayfield a no-bid contract to redevelop the still trashed Municipal Auditorium after Hurricane Katrina, but the deal was killed by Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux after he called the deal improper.


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