State Police Cheating the Public? Say it isn’t so!

It is so, with some all around horrible behavior by former Louisiana’s top cop, and it all begins with former State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson, who retired in 2017 amid a whirlwind of controversy which has grown since his retirement. Edmonson enjoyed a very good reputation as a Superintendent before his rather precipitous fall from grace.

Edmonson was top cop for nine years but retired after four of his top officers took an inappropriate trip to California to watch Edmonson receive a national award. One of the officers took his wife with Edmonson’s permission. They took a side trip to Las Vegas, also on the taxpayer’s dime.  Edmonson is big legal trouble, and his lawyer is going to do well here.

There is lots more corruption attributed to Mr. Edmonson and his wife.  State auditors recently discovered the Edmonsons were using trustees to walk the family dog and clean their house for them. He charged the state for a shoe closet built for Mrs Edmonson as well as electricity, internet service, flowers and cleaning supplies for his family.  Apparently, Edmonson has been living with his brood the past nine years in the State Police compound rent-free. That is the definition of brazen public corruption. The approximate bill for nine years of free housing? $430,000. Edmonson also neglected to inform the IRS about this income.

Without counting overtime or the officer’s regular salaries, the conference cost the State Police at least $33,000 for airfare, meals, lodging, registration fees and other expenses, according to a review by The Advocate of more than 200 pages of receipts and travel statements.

                                                                                                         Mike Edmonson

Others in Edmonson’s inside circle have been living in VIP housing at State Police training facilities at no charge for months at a time. Other troopers took advantage of the free services Edmonson was enjoying. Edmonson’s chief of staff, Charles Dupuy, told state investigators he stayed at the Training Academy while going through a divorce. 

Edmonson utilized his state credit card to pay thousands of dollars in questionable restaurant bills. He enjoyed many meals at the department cafeteria over years of service without paying, while regular officers were paying for everything on their trays. He also got troopers to ferry him and his wife around Louisiana.  His vehicles were worked on at the department’s Fleet Operations center.

I’ll say it again, Edmonson was a very all inclusive bad employee. If there was a state service Edmonson could take advantage of, he did his absolute best to do so. He is one corrupt felon to be.

I find it interesting that Edmonson has responded to all this criticism by stating he takes umbrage with all.  These are strong criticisms that stand the test of time.

~ by neworleansmusicman on December 14, 2017.

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