Should OPP Have a Cap on the Number of Prisoners?

Yes, there should be an absolute ceiling as to the number of inmates in Gusman’s cages at one time. Deaths within the jail have spiked again, giving Gusman’s critics a big hole once more to criticize Marlin.  2 inmates died separately in November, both deaths occurred with no explanation. One perished in the satellite Temporary Detention Center and the other at the main Orleans Justice Center.

A 27 year old inmate died last month at the Detention Center.  His death is unexplained. Limiting the number of overall prisoners would be a big step forward. Jefferson Parish already has this policy on the books. What’s up with ‘unexplained’  or ‘no explanation’ excuses? There are cameras all over most jails today, and Gusman and his staff are saying these 3 deaths occurred in some camera dead zone? That is extremely hard to believe.

                                                                             Overcrowded Jail in Argentina

As of yesterday, 1,107 prisoners were locked up in the Orleans Justice Center. while the legal capacity is listed for 1,438 beds, however in actuality the facility’s capacity is far lower.

The Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition is leading the charge for an OPP prisoner limit. When that limit is surpassed, mostly misdemeanor prisoners would be released in equal numbers, to maintain the prisoner limit. The Coalition wants the City Council to pass this limit. The Coalition pinned the blame on Gusman for illegally housing hundreds of inmates in a temporary facility. The sheriff claims he has a special permit from the City Council allowing this facility to house prisoners.

The group claims Gusman is illegally operating the Temporary Detention Center, a relic from the post Katrina era to replace storm-damaged and destroyed buildings. 221 prisoners were logged into the Center as of last week. Adina Marx-Arpadi, a coordinator with the Prison Reform Coalition, stated,  We are not willing any longer to allow the city to break the law to incarcerate people accused of breaking the law. Nobody should die in jail, let alone in a facility that is being operated illegally.  

                                             Overcrowding at Elmore Correctional Facility in Alabama

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