Stolen Guns Causing Mayhem Throughout Town!

A record 600+ guns were reported stolen in New Orleans last year, an astounding number. It turns out robbers have zeroed in on cash, guns and jewelry as the most valuable, portable items they can steal. Thieves with hours in a house still only take these three items.  Criminals acquire guns in several ways, and stealing guns is a popular from cars remains a popular method.

Why people leave cash and guns in their cars I will never understand. I don’t own any guns and I’ve never left more than newspaper change in the car. I have a friend of a friend who is serving 10 years in Angola who fueled a heroin addiction by robbing open cars uptown of guns and cash. He’s a real clean looking fellow who the cops never suspected for years. He did a lot of horse by selling guns and collecting a lot of greenbacks. Half of all reported stolen guns were stolen from vehicles.

Car Waiting to be Burglarized

Federal authorities report that 60% of all gun thefts are never reported. I suppose people are embarrassed by their stupidity. Stories abound about people leaving their cars unlocked all day, with thousands of dollars in cash and an arsenal in the car.  Folks think leaving their keys on the dashboard is smart, as they are easy to find. That holds for any crooks walking by also.

What else do people leave in their cars? You’d be surprised- Car burglars take anything of value from cash, GPSs, electronics, digital cameras, I-pods, MP3 Players, expensive sunglasses, laptops, weapons and whatever else of value that is left insecure.

~ by neworleansmusicman on March 17, 2017.

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