New Orleans City Council OKs Additional $2.6 million to Run Prison!

The City Council is so enamored with the terrific turnaround that has occurred at the Orleans Parish Prison that they raised the Jail budget by $2.6 million. Why was this done? To reward the great work of the independent administrator of the jail, Gary D. Maynard. Maynard as hired to ‘assist’ Gusman in running his jail by studying the situation and issuing a report. His report has dazzled the powers that be (Mayor, City Council) to the point of giddiness.  It’s a bright day for our city when a consultant does what the elected official just cannot, grab control of our out of control Orleans Parish penal system.

Every year, the City Council and Gusman’s team duke it out before the Council over the jail’s budget. Now, the City Council, the Mayor, and the Sheriff’s Office are in agreement for the first time in a million years, or so it seems.  Maynard has even brought agreement to the formerly highly contentious issue of another, smaller new jail building dedicated to less than a hundred mentally ill inmates.

The new jail building would cost $89 million and would be build within 24 months. It will house mentally unstable or physically unfit inmates.  Another facet of the plan calls for the reopening of the jail’s Temporary Detention Center.

Opening both facilities will ensure that all those prisoners that Gusman that he sent to North Louisiana and kept there can return to the local jail. That saves a million and a half dollars. The spending plan dictates raises for Sheriff’s office employees of approximately $3,000/year for most employees. Maynard’s plan also increases staffing by 77 new civilians and 43 new uniformed jailers.


~ by neworleansmusicman on March 12, 2017.

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