20 Year Old Perjury Case Gets City Council and Cannizzaro Feuding- In Court!!

Leon Cannizzaro isn’t the worst District Attorney New Orleans has ever seen, but he has made some boneheaded decisions. Recently a man was released from prison after serving 20 years because his chief accusers recanted their testimony, stating that the police had pressured them to see things their way.


Our Esteemed D.A. Looking Dour

Our D.A. proceeds to file perjury charges against the men who changed their testimony. When recant your testimony because the police originally made you say something untrue, that’s a good thing. People should be encouraged to step forward and right legal wrongs whenever possible. Prosecuting them discourages this sort of action. That’s bad for society as a whole.

New Orleans City Councilman Jason Williams remained the legal ringleader, this time in his role as a criminal defense attorney, as he and a Cannizzaro lieutenant traded bitter barbs during the high-profile perjury trial. Most people think that attorneys shouldn’t insult each other during trial. It appears infantile to everyone in the courtroom. It is infantile.

Williams has been the anti-Cannizzaro force on the City Council, cheerleading most of the criticism of the D.A. Personally I think Cannizzaro deserves all the criticism. He could be a much better District Attorney.


Jason Williams Looking Jovial

The D.A. isn’t having a very good time recently. The City Council  cut the D.A.’s office budget by $600,000. Cannizzaro has gone after the Mayor Mitch Landrieu recently, making fun of the Mayor’s new crime fighting plan.

Taking your out of court feud into court is immature by both parties, and a bad example of abusing the system. It seems like Cannizzaro is mad about the system freeing an innocent man. That’s acting like a baby also.

~ by neworleansmusicman on January 29, 2017.

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