Mayor Chooses Worst Possible Plan to Fund NOPD!

I am so done with the Landrieu family as a political dynasty. I’ve loved the Landrieu clan since Moon Landrieu was mayor in the 1970s. I voted for Mary each time she ran for the U.S. Senate, and Mitch had both of my votes as well.

When I first came to New Orleans to live after my wonderful Cornell experience, I met my wife in a free medical services clinic in the French Quarter that Moon Landrieu’s administration backed that was open two evenings each week. I had one single New Orleans phone number in my pocket when I flew here, for a Community crash pad. The crash pad had folded, but the number had merged with the medical clinic. I met my wife my first night in New Orleans and we stayed together 38 years, until she passed at Touro Infirmary a few years ago. Her name was Margaret (Meg) Lynn Pomeroy Eidler, and I will always love her.

So I am done, finished, kaput. I won’t be voting for any more politicians named Landrieu. Mitch ruined the family name for me. Let me state I’m a huge fan of NOPD because they defend our city from whatever comes.  And I’m certainly not mad at the police here, they need the money badly as in my opinion, they are underfunded.  But funding the police by doubling the red light and traffic cameras is a horrible idea.

NOPD Patch

NOPD Patch

The mayor has struck back after the response to his new initiative was met with a lot of negative reaction, stating that the only people protesting this plan are the ones that run red lights and speed in school zones. I take huge umbrage with his logic. I do not get tickets for running red lights, and I do not speed in school zones. 

My problem with the mayor’s horrible plan is it’s a naked money grab. These are tickets that cannot be challenged the way regular tickets can be.  The Louisiana Constitution and the New Orleans Home Rule Charter give the traffic court the power to resolve traffic matters, but the city’s automated traffic enforcement system takes away the courts’ authority.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

If you go to The Administrative Hearing Center on Perdido Street in downtown New Orleans to challenge these tickets, literally nothing good happens. They rubber-stamp your ticket and you are guilty. Pay up. If you want further recourse, you have to go to District State Court, and file a suit, which costs hundreds of dollars.  This basically throws the ticket getter out with the dirty water.

Want to up the misery quotient around town substantially?  Give New Orleanians  no recourse when they get a ticket. Where will all this new ticket money go? Most goes to out of town vendors who process the ticket for the city. To Tempe, Arizona specifically. That’s where you mail your request for a hearing.

The whole situation stinks to high heaven.

~ by neworleansmusicman on October 19, 2016.

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