Gusman Hearings Heat Up!!

Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Sheriff Marlin Gusman

It’s hard to believe things could be much worse in the new jail. The stories coming from the replace Gusman hearings in U.S. District Judge Lance Africk’s courtroom are tough to top.  All these new stories emanate from the new $150 million jail that Gusman claimed would correct most serious wrongs but didn’t correct anything.

Gusman had years to prepare for the move into the new jail, but apparently he didn’t use that time wisely. Inmates were seen using their hands instead of toilet paper. Stocking the new jail with the basics wasn’t accomplished by Gusman’s team in time.

You think that story is crazy enough? I’ve got a better one! How about an entire pod (60 men) naked as the day they were born? Talk about a Guinness book of world records entry for the biggest gay orgy ever! Right here in the new jail in New Orleans, Louisiana under the guidance of Sheriff Marlin Gusman!

Marlin says this is all a mistake, just blame everything on Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who controls the jail’s purse strings. If only the mayor give him all the money he asked for, things would be much better.  Money does control a lot, of course, but management means even more. Many jail guards, sheriffs’ deputies all, work two and three other detail jobs which pay better. This switches the allegiance of the guards to where the money is, and away from the jail. When inmates notice this, they act out more, as the leash has been loosened. According to the jail monitors, guards often didn’t appear to supervising the inmates. Watching TV and sitting at a desk are favorite activities of the guards. This is strictly a management problem- poor, poor guard training.

Hearings resume end of this week, when Gusman gets his turn to respond to his accusers. Should be fun.

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman





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