Justice Department Issues Blueprint for Taking Over New Orleans Jail!

Last month the Justice Department asked U.S. District Judge Lance Africk to remove Gusman from day-to-day operations of the new jail. Now Justice wants to take over the jail.  Africk is holding a hearing on Wednesday, May 25 about whether to appoint an outside administrator or receiver, to run the just opened 150 million Orleans Parish Prison and remove Marlin Gusman of his power to operate the jail. Gusman called the Justices’ request insane and is hoping for another Justice meeting to stave off his eventual release.

Landrieu vs Gusman

Marlin Gusman vs Mitch Landrieu

Happy days are here again! I’m happy that Gusman is finally being hauled up before Judge Africk and the subject of the hearing is to remove Gusman from power. I’ve advocated this since way before the new jail opened. The Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition, or OPPRC, is holding a press conference before the hearing to demand real community oversight of our jail and an end to the violence at OPP, and compliance with the 1,438-bed cap of the jail. The press conference is 7:45 am on May 25, the morning of the hearing.

I’ve written up Gusman’s bad behavior many times before. You can read about his antics here and here.

The government’s proposal would task the receiver with drafting a remedial action plan within three months of being appointed. That’s a very quick schedule. Mayor Landrieu has supported the Justice Department bid and has wanted a federal takeover of the jail for years.

Landrieu is so sick of Gusman he can taste him. The mayor has accused Gusman of out of control spending, and Landrieu has stonewalled Gusman on some deputy pay raises. This has raised the temperature of the brawl considerably.

The government’s plan for the receiver has that office filing a yearly budget that gets input from a team of corrections experts monitoring the jail’s progress. The receiver plan would create a jail advisory board and quarterly public meetings that would bring in interested parties in the community. Quarterly public meetings that would allow access to the receiver by interested members of the New Orleans community would be held.

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