Gusman Shutters Half of New Jail!

Jailer Marlin Gusman is going to transfer 600 prisoners to East Carroll Parish and other jurisdictions. Gusman needs to retrain his staff to comply with the federal consent decree. This is a different move by Gusman, who has been touting the new jail as the solution to his many problems. For him to admit that his staff is a major problem is a sea change for the 4 time jailer. When the new jail was opening, it was the panacea of the century. It was supposed to fix all and any problems that existed for decades. Inmate coverage that was supposed to be spotless now turned out to be quite spotty. Huge training gaps in the staff became very obvious.

New Jail Under Construction

New Jail Under Construction

Recently an outside jail consultant told a federal judge the staffing crisis at Orleans Parish Prison predicated a partial closing of the new jail. Gusman has been roundly criticized for sending hundreds of local inmates to other prisons in North Louisiana, away from their attorneys, friends and family. It’s hard to hold court if the defendant has no access to the legal system. Gusman promises that he’ll ferry prisoners back and forth for court dates. That doesn’t sound feasible or realistic.

The jail has a problem holding on to employees as moral plummeted, training was inadequate, and the pay lagged way behind other law enforcement organizations around town. In response to this, Gusman revealed his new plan to send hundreds of inmates out of town for months or longer.

Old Jail in Treme

Old Orleans Parish Jail Near Treme

The sheriff has found it insulting that the U.S. Justice Department asked U.S. District Judge Lance Africk last week to appoint someone to replace him. Africk will hear arguments on this request later in the month. The sheriff is very unpopular with the mayor and the city council, among other city officials who find Gusman’s behavior puzzling.


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