Walter Reed Guilty on 18 Counts!!

How the mighty have fallen, and how careless are the mighty? It’s one thing for the formerly mighty (3 decades as north shore district attorney) to get convicted handily himself. But for his son, Steven Reed, to be convicted at the same time of lesser charges, is the height of bad parenting.

Walter Reed’s reputation as a lawman was tough- he was no friend of criminals. Reed left office in January 2016 and within three months of that he was indicted. Reed was convicted of 18 of 19 counts, and his son three of four. Yet he appears to be a very careless thief, taking $30,000 from St. Tammany Parish Hospital that hospital officials and the prosecution both said was intended for the District Attorney’s Office, not the District Attorney. He converted campaign contributions to his own private use and ‘forgot’ to claim the money on his federal income tax returns.

He didn’t hide his tracks very well. He took money from virtually any private or public source and put it in his own account.  Just that simple and illegal. You wonder what goes on with a man like Walter Reed, a seemingly honest to a fault public servant, who after decades, starts stealing like he’s entitled to it. He involved his son, a cardinal sin in life, it’s wrong on a thousand levels to involve your children in your illegal schemes. Let them make and learn from their own mistakes, not yours.

Walter Reed was a very powerful man in St. Tammany Parish, the epitome of a southern sheriff. How a man goes from that level of honesty to street thief I don’t know.

There is a rogue’s gallery of former Louisiana politicians that includes such luminaries as former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, now serving 10 years; former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard in a federal halfway house after being convicted on public corruption; and we can’t forget former Louisiana Representative Dollar Bill Jefferson, who is serving 13 years. Now, Walter Reed has been inducted in the illustrious Louisiana Hall of Shame.


Walter Reed

Nagin in Jail  Jailbird Ray Nagin

~ by neworleansmusicman on May 5, 2016.

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