Irvin Mayfield’s Huge Conflict of Interest!

Grammy Award Winner Irvin Mayfield

Grammy Award Winner Irvin Mayfield

This is one sad story. Another tale of a revered New Orleans figure stealing. Irvin could have been our mayor in 10 years.  His goose is more than cooked, it is burnt.

UPDATE- Ronald Markham has resigned as Director of the New Orleans Library Foundation Board!! I wonder why?

Most New Orleanians love Irvin. His career has boomed for decades, and to his credit he finds plenty of time to raise big money for the our library system, which was laid to waste 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina. He gave the library system $116,775 in 2012, but his foundation gave $666,000 to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra for the multi-million dollar New Orleans Jazz Market, which opened just last month in Central City.  I attended the opening as I booked the band that played the event. That would be the incredible Walter Wolfman Washington and the Roadmasters.  Irvin was at the opening all night, and I got to talk to him. He seemed nice and down to earth.

Irvin is a close friend of the mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Shannon Powell with NOJO

Shannon Powell with NOJO

New Orleans mayor Mitch  Landrieu

New Orleans mayor Mitch

In 2013, the library foundation gave the Jazz Orchestra (NOJO) $197,000 more. Mayfield paid himself $148,050 and his good friend and fellow library foundation board member Ronald Markham $100,000. Markham has just resigned from the library board. $109,441 also paid to Mayfield’s publishing company for concert promotion.

The level of conflict of interest here is sky high. Mayfield, through the library foundation he controls, paid himself, his close friend Markham, NOJO and the Jazz Market over $900,000! During this period the library system got a fraction of that amount. There is something seriously wrong in the house of Mayfield, and that is tragic day for all New Orleanians.


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