5 From NOPD’s Special Victims Squad Face Indictment for Neglect!!

Talk about incompetent police work! Five Special Victims detectives working 1,290 cases between 2011 and 2013 comes out to roughly 87 cases per detective per year. The vast majority of these cases went nowhere. Over this three year period, 840 reported rapes were miscatagorized as ‘miscellaneous’ offenses and 271 more lacked any paperwork documenting a follow up investigation.

That’s chilling and the definition of not doing your job. All this dirt and more surfaced in a recently released report by the New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux.  People become cops for many reasons, but I suspect high on the list is a need to serve the people of our great city. How you can go to work daily and fake your job completely and hurt the damaged people you are supposed to be helping and serving blows my mind.

NOPD Patch

NOPD Patch

This is quite disturbing. Why do you think those that suffer sexual attacks are called special victims?  There is a total of 16 detectives in the New Orleans Police Department’s Special Victims Unit. I would say these five are going to be indicted for covering up a lot of nasty crimes, often involving women and children, among other charges.

All five have been taken off the Special Victims Unit and reassigned. Many questions arise when major cases of dereliction of duty are discovered. Who was supervising these five? Who was supervising the detectives, who obviously weren’t doing their jobs properly either? Is the system broken? As far as these five are concerned, it certainly is broken. Fortunately, the rest of the Special Victims Unit was functioning well. A few questions have to be raised about the good workers. What did they know about the five who were not doing their fiduciary duty? It seems likely they knew something over time, when things are that far awry in a department, it’s hard to hide all signs of it.

The New Orleans City Council is very upset over these allegations for good reason. Heads need to roll, New Orleans City Councilwoman  LaToya Cantrell says,  As a mother, what’s coming out about this unit is horrifying. Councilwoman Susan Guidry  has asked Police Superintendent Harrison and other top NOPD officials to appear before the council’s Criminal Justice Committee, which she chairs. According to Guidry, The suspicion is that it was known by someone above them.

Latoya Cantrell

New Orleans City Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell

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