Edwin Edwards Faces Uphill Battle in 6th District Race!

Former Louisiana Governor Edwards and his wife Trina attend luncheon where Edwards announced his run for congress in Baton Rouge

The runoff election is December 6, and the political pundits say voters in Louisiana’s sixth district will likely choose Garret Graves. How boring is that? Even at 87, Edwards certainly remains the life of the party. Part of the reason is Edward’s lovely wife Trina, who is in her 30s, blond, and drop dead gorgeous. The sixth district votes heavily Republican and Graves raised more money than any of his numerous primary opponents. Edwards garnered 30% of the primary vote and Graves got 27%. 64% went Republican and was divided between a dozen candidates. Gerrymandering pretty much ensures the sixth Congressional district will vote Republican.

The sixth district, is the 24th most Republican district in the nation, according to the Cook Political Report out of 435 congressional seats. That may just seal the deal here, unless Edwards can shake up the status quo and get Republicans in force to vote for him.  No debates have been set, though both candidates say they are willing. Edwards noted that, despite the heavy shift nationwide on Tuesday for Republicans, he came out on top in the primary without having one paid TV or radio ad.

During the primary, Edwards was very visible throughout the district, appearing at coffee shops, festivals, ribbon cutting ceremonies, etc. In the runoff, he wants to meet a lot of younger voters who may not be familiar with his record or story.

According to Joshua Stockley, a political science professor at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, You have a lot of voters who have a decision to make. There are a lot of voters who didn’t vote for Graves and didn’t vote for Edwards.

Geographically, the 6th district is centered around the state capital area, and extends down into Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes and around into Pointe Coupee and through the Florida parishes.

Louisiana 6th Congressional District

Louisiana 6th Congressional District

According to celebritynetworth.com, Edwin’s net worth is $10 million. Not bad for the 4 time ex governor, former state legislator, convicted felon, recent dad at 87, and an old time Democrat of the type they don’t mint anymore.

In my opinion, Edwards needs to grab onto a new single issue that can take hold of the public’s imagination and unify the people. Such an issue exists, and I suggest you check into Chattanooga, Tennessee’s high speed internet program.

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