Judges Claim They Were Deceived on Vandale Thomas Case!

Accountantb Vandale Thomas

Accountant Vandale Thomas, Man on the Hot Seat

UPDATE! Vandale Thomas is found guilty of money laundering, fraud and embezzlement He was convicted on all eleven counts in federal court. Vandale turned in more than $700,000 in fraudulent bills to traffic court.

More traffic court malarkey. Big malarkey! A former Orleans Parish traffic court accounting contractor named Vandale Thomas is going down for working more than 24 hours a day week after week. He paid himself hundreds of thousands of dollars more than he should have. His job was to enter traffic court fines into the online data base.  He managed to pay himself $1.3 million for doing so. I’ve written up Thomas before for his crooked ways.

Here is a couple of paragraphs from another entry on Thomas outlining his billing practices around city hall-

Infamous Traffic Court Accountant Vandale Thomas enjoyed more than one payday while he was getting paid by Traffic Court $750,000 for work during 2010. Thomas worked on a couple of contracts under accounting firm Pailet, Meunier and LeBlanc, which charged the city $243,000 for Thomas’ hours from the start of 2010 through mid 2011.

Thomas also worked for the City Council’s Utilities Regulatory Office. They billed $150 an hour for work the firm said Thomas did under a separate contract covering a variety of city accounting work.  It also billed $198.75 an hour for work Thomas did under a separate contract covering more city accounting.

Who do you think signed all of these bloated paychecks? The Chief Administrative Judge Robert Jones III and Judge Mark Shea. Just because they signed those checks didn’t mean they approved of the outlandish sums.

Traffic Court Head Administrative Judge Robert Jones

Traffic Court Head Administrative Judge Robert Jones

Thomas did what he could to hide his thievery, submitting invoices of under $10,000 so as to not alert the IRS. That meant he had to submit a lot of pay requests to add up to the million plus dollars he took. The most he actually could have earned is $600,000, and he would have had to work around the clock to get that enormous figure. What a low level court accountant is doing with that kind of income potential I don’t know.

Thomas did live the life of luxury with his ill gotten gains. He lost roughly $227,000 at casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Tunica, Mississippi. He purchased an $80,000 Bentley GT Coupe in 2010.

Who was Judge Jones’ campaign manager? Vandale Thomas. Who played on Jones’ softball team? The accountant with the very dirty hands.

Who first noticed all the baloney Thomas was responsible for in traffic court? It was Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux who issued a report lambasting Thomas’ stealing. The Times-Picayune dug a little deeper and discovered Thomas had billed the court for 7,765 hours and the city for 1,995.5 hours in 2010, which equals 24.5 hours a day, 365 days annually.


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