Anonymous Survey Shows NOPD Difficulties!!

NOPD Patch

NOPD Patch

450 officers were polled and the problems uncovered are deep rooted. Nearly half the 1,100 cops took part in the survey. Since 2010, on average, one officer leaves the force every three days. This indicates that morale is terrible. The poll points out areas where most cops are unhappy. They feel unappreciated by the public. Is the force a better organization now as compared to three years ago? 75% disagree with that. More than half the officers say that police services in New Orleans are either  only fair (34%) or poor (22.9%). A majority of the officers surveyed feel internal investigations aren’t fair; they aren’t provided with equipment they need to properly do their jobs; and honest mistakes can cost them dearly. There are other reasons morale is so low for NOPD- many cops are arrested and convicted of a wide array of crimes for domestic violence to rape, intimidation and murder.

NOPD Cruiser

NOPD Cruiser

Federal court-appointed police specialists polled the officers over the past three months. It’s part of the three part effort to gauge perceptions of officers, citizens and arrestees every two years, and it’s a requirement of the NOPD consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Other damning findings- 87% feel the public doesn’t understand the problems cops face and just more half believe the citizenry fails to appreciate what the police do for them. 83% agreed or strongly agreed that officers are rarely rewarded for doing a good job. 66% agreed or strongly agreed that officers could do a better job if politicians didn’t interfere.

It’s obvious the NOPD federal consent decree has a long way to go to fix the intractable problems facing our local police force. Orleans Parish Prison, under the leadership of sheriff Marlin Gusman is under its own consent decree, and theirs is going just as badly as the cop one. Both organizations are in sad, sad shape.


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