No More Bonding Out At Night From Orleans Parish Prison!!!

Mayor Landrieu is fighting with Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell and Morrell and the public are losing. As of September 15, Morrell cannot afford to pay his bond clerk. who bonds out arrestees after hours. If you are freed on your own recognizance, no bond is needed.  Morrell says he has to cut crucial services since the Mayor won’t fully fund his office.

Arthur Morrell

Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell

I’m a huge fan of the Mayor but he makes strategic mistakes when money is at stake. That’s not good. The Mayor’s stock line is he bashes the department head as financially incompetent. That’s true in some cases, such as our jailer, Marlin Gusman. Cannot tell what’s going on exactly with Morrell. He’s received the same allocation, roughly $3.7 million, each year. He’s overspent every year except this one. He claims he needs $4.5 million to properly run and staff his department.

As this fight has heated up, the Mayor has retaliated. Morrell is under a hiring freeze, so as he’s lost employees he cannot replace. He says he’s down to 23 positions. Morrell is livid about this freeze, which the city says is necessary to reign in Morrell’s spending. This is basically he said she said. The freeze was lifted recently.

The Mayor’s chief administrative officer, Andy Kopplin, says Morrell’s bond clerk move is simply political posturing.

I’m interested in how this plays out, as the story is still being written for this war. I hope the Mayor quits picking on city employees who have trouble doing their jobs because of lack of funding (Marlin Gusman excepted).

~ by neworleansmusicman on September 11, 2014.

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