Experts Find Little Progress at OPP!!

I’m not a fan of Marlin Gusman and haven’t been for some time.  He’s still doing poorly  at OPP, and a bevy of experts who recently rated the jail gave it failing marks for the second time since the consent decree was instituted. OPP is under a federal consent decree for maintaining generally unconstitutional conditions at the facility.

I’m amazed at just how poor the jail’s ratings are. Gusman talks the talk but is pretty terrible at walking the walk. For example, some aspects of the jail, such as medical and mental health, have gotten worse in recent months according to the report. Mental health care is virtually nonexistent, the experts found.

The experts said the Sheriff’s Office remains out of compliance for 85% of the consent decree. That’s a daunting figure. They found partial compliance with 22 of the 174 decree provisions.

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Embattled Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

The report states, as is often pointed out, the conditions in the Orleans Parish jail system have been decades in the making and will take time to resolve. However, that time means that staff and inmates are in an extremely dangerous and unsafe environment every day.

While appreciating that there is substantial work to gain compliance, the health and safety of more than 2,000 inmates are in peril today because of the lack of staff, wholly substandard medical care, absence of mental health care and deteriorated and unclean living environments.

The 132 page report’s worst criticism of the sheriff concerned his inability to meet several hiring deadlines outlined in a recent funding agreement with New Orleans city officials.  These key positions are considered to be the gateway positions for a much larger hiring of sheriff deputies down the road as mandated by the consent decree.



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