New App Rates Police Behavior!!

Five-O Reporting Screen

Five-O Reporting Screen


Home Screen for Five-O App

Home Screen for Five-O App


Just downloaded a new police rating app from the Android Play Store.  I’m really excited by this app, can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. A beta version of the free app had a soft launch August 17, 2014. Triple Kudos to the TEEN siblings who came up with this clever idea.  The full name is Five-O Police Rating App 1.2, and it is only available for Android at this time.

Five-O is both amazing and brilliant, it takes a ton of power from the police and gives it to the people, like cell phone cameras did. Technology has leveled the playing field again, and it’s a very very good thing. There is plenty of room for abuse here. You can hurt a cop or department with a concerted or viral rating effort against them. That’s a very bad thing.

It also shows how the genius potential children have.  Children see the world differently than adults, they don’t have the experiences that mature grown ups. That’s a blessing much of the time, and this app is a perfect example of why.

The teen trio who own Five-O are working on two new apps- one for black hair care and the other for college freshmen to connect.

The app works seamlessly, and though it is new, it receives a Android Play Store rating of 4.7/5. I cannot wait to file my first report!

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 24, 2014.

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