Our Unethical and Immoral Governor Bobby Jindal!!

By the letter of the law what he does is probably legal, but it’s so darned smarmy, it’s truly breathtaking. He’s not my governor and never will be. It’s obvious he has presidential aspirations, but I sincerely doubt he’ll be the Republican standard bearer against Hillary. He cannot draw moderates and independents, so he cannot possibly win the nomination.

The Louisiana legislature also gets very poor marks for supporting the governor on his slash and burn strategies.  Hurting women, children, families, the handicapped, minorities, the poor, the elderly and working people- that’s what the majority of Republicans do nowadays. This is why they lost the presidential election the last two times, and I don’t think they will do very well in the mid term elections.

Tax The Rich Cartoon

Tax The Rich Cartoon

Jindal and the legislature have been slashing spending for almost all healthcare sectors, including  pharmacies, the home health industry, doctors, and hospitals. He didn’t cut Medicaid payments to the nursing home business, however. Why not?  Cash, cash and more cash.  Nursing homes pump millions into campaigns while benefiting from favorable state policies. A total of $2.8 million between 2009 and 2012. This surpasses the $2.4 million the flush oil and gas industry gave to campaigns. Wow! No other major industry got this kind of money, not utilities, banking, telecommunications or gaming.

Jindal has become the king of unconstitutional programs. His school voucher program used public school dollars as its funding source (cannot do that) and his state pension overhaul was declared dead in the water because the legislature passed it by a simple majority instead of the two thirds necessary. His huge tax proposal went down in flames before ever getting to a legislative vote. He spends most of his time out of state collecting fat fees for speeches

Of course, taxpayer money is used to defend these hopeless programs in court and through the appeals process, which isn’t the smartest policy to follow due to the strongly unconstitutional nature of the bills.

Louisiana nursing homes are ranked 49 out of 50, that’s pretty terrible. Jindal and the legislature are rewarding the nursing home industry because they are so great?

One nursing home dynasty gave $303,936; another gave $200,775, and a third gave $147,600.

Bobby Jindal Political Cartoon

Bobby Jindal Political Cartoon from Wasserman

Here’s a quote from Jim Miller, Director of the Louisiana Budget Project

Most other health care providers during this financial downturn have had to deal with a loss of state funding, and the nursing homes have been protected from that loss. Their rates have gone up and up every single year, even though the population in nursing homes has actually been declining for most of the last few years.

To pay for the nursing home benefits, Jindal and the legislature are dismantling the state’s Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly. The 13 year old fund was set up with federal dollars to assist in paying for long term care into the future. The fund had $830 million when Jindal took office. As of July, it has $410 million. The state predicts the fund will be $230 million by year’s end. The nursing homes have 9,000 empty beds. So the state is taking apart the Medicaid Trust Fund to pay for empty nursing home beds all over the state.

Between 2009 and 2012, Jindal received $715,000, making him number one in the state for nursing home contributions. Sherri Smith Buffington, state senator from Keithville received $124,000 between 2009 and 2012, and $64,000 during a three day period in October, 2011.  The Senate President, John Alario and his PAC raised $100,000 between 2009 and 2012. During September 2010, nursing homes gave Alario $60,000.

Sherri Buffington, Keithville

Sherri Smith Buffington, Keithville

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