Gusman Retaliates Against Whistle Blower!!

I don’t think much of the job the jailer, Marlin Gusman, is doing, but this is really a stupid plan. Going after the person who exposed a lot of the wrongdoing makes Gusman out to be a vengeful, nasty person. He should laud Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Collins, not try to hurt him.

I think of Collins as a hero. He went to the Southern Poverty Law Center and let them know about all the unconstitutional crap going on inside Orleans Parish Prison under Gusman’s watch.

Let’s examine a June 6 stabbing in Orleans Parish Prison involving Edward Dean knifing Brian Ellis. Dean was an inmate tier representative, which allowed him to enter Ellis’ cell to serve a meal. Gusman issued a statement after the incident, stating that Ellis’ stab wounds were superficial.  Superficial? That is as heartless as it comes.

Here’s the cell phone photo taken by Collins after the incident.  Ellis was stabbed 20 times and a plate of very hot grits was thrown in his face! Gusman is going after Collins for having his phone in the cell areas of the jail. Gusman is very wrong here- Collins photo documents the severity of the attack that Gusman under-reported.

OPP Cell After June 6 Stabbing

OPP Cell After June 6 Stabbing

What planet is Gusman living on? I don’t think earth. I think it’s Planet Gusman!!

The Sheriff’s Office released a statement Friday that suggests the stabbing happened because of Collin’s actions. Evidence indicates that Collins allowed the aggressor, who attacked the victim, out of the aggressor’s cell. Collins says he let Dean out of his cell because Dean was an inmate tier representative, who was responsible for serving food at that time.

How does Gusman keep his job? I forecasted months ago that he would lose his job and go to jail, but he’s still a free man and still has his job. I am truly amazed!  I have written and written about Gusman.

Collins says he is unable to report to work, the Sheriff’s Office claims he is AWOL. This is going to be a very interesting story to follow.

Here’s a few lines from Clancy DuBos who writes the Politics column for Gambit Weekly’s web site,

Lest we forget, Gusman is the same sheriff who couldn’t explain his own budget from the witness stand in federal court.  He’s the same sheriff who get kept in an office safe an incendiary videotape of inmates partying in a cell with booze and drugs – and a loaded gun- then later claimed he didn’t know anything about the tape or the safe- until the feds showed up looking for it.

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