Danziger Ruling Leads to More Actions and Appeals!!

Former Mayor Ray Nagin is trying to delay his bribery trial due to the hardcore decision concerning federal prosecutors making inappropriate comments on nola.com’s crime and safety forum and then not admitting to it. Former state legislator and New Orleans City Council member Renee Gill Pratt is considering a motion for a new trial. This is just the start of what may be an avalanche of motions based on U. S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt’s harsh Danziger Bridge retrial order.

Ray Nagin on Phone

Ray Nagin on Phone

Stacey Jackson, who oversaw Nagin’s messed up attempt to repair flooded homes after Katrina, is considering new motions as well. She has been charged with bribery, theft and corruption.

I guess it’s a crap shoot whether any of the upcoming motions will succeed like the Danziger case did, with a new trial ordered. In a previous entry about the original ruling, I was unsure why the fiery online postings by prosecutors gone loco would affect the case.

After thinking about this for a few days, I understand that possibly the jury pool would be influenced by the online rantings. I’m not sure how many folks read these forums, and are jury pools allowed to read this kind of stuff, I thought they were told to avoid media reports  about the case.  Yesterday, Ray Nagin learned that he would not be getting a new trial. That’s very good news to me, and not so good for Ray.

It’s a fact that some of the nola.com’s postings  by several prosecutors were very inappropriate. There are racial postings and one gives the approximate neighborhood where Nagin lives for gun lovers. Others talk about collusion between Englehardt and a defense attorney. I’m sure the judge loved those!!

~ by neworleansmusicman on September 28, 2013.

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