Edwin Edwards Interviewed by Larry King!!

Edwin Edwards with Larry King at LSU

Edwin Edwards with Larry King at LSU

The next two paragraphs are from the fabulous James Gill of the New Orleans Advocate (he was with the Times-Picayune for decades until they went to three days a week circulation). Not a fan  of the TP anymore so no link for them.

Edwards told King that he has finally found something good to use Republicans for — sleep with them. He would have expressed that sentiment less politely in the days before a Republican became his third wife and mother of his infant son, Eli.

One Republican got no sympathy whatsoever in Edwards’ interview with King: I don’t understand the man,Edwards said of Gov. Bobby Jindal. He’s sitting on a program which would provide immediate health benefits for 300,000 to 400,000 people in Louisiana, and he refuses to sign onto it. He’s a different sort of person.


As a lifelong Democrat, I voted for Edwin Edwards a number of times, and he was a good governor who actually cared for blacks and poor folks. He was flawed like all the rest of us but he was as close to a populist governor as we’ve seen in decades.

Turns out the Student Programming Board, the group responsible for booking talent for the students, paid $6,000 to Edwin, who speaks for free every chance he gets, and $66.400 to Larry King. Their plan to make back to this large sum of money, they charged non students $60. That didn’t fly with the non students, who can get their fill of Edwin for a lot less money. This left the Programming Board holding the bag for an astounding $45,000!!

I would fire the entire Programming Board for this one act of stupidity, only because of the large amount of money. This came out of student fees, no the public coffers. That’s the only good part associated with this whole fiasco. Good for the public, not good for the LSU students.

Does anyone think Larry King is a good interviewer? Not if you’ve ever seen him interview. He throws only soft balls, no change ups or fast balls. Edwin has had a colorful life, you have to ask him colorful questions. Larry can’t or doesn’t and I don’t know why.  You think I’m the only one asking questions? Check out gawker.com’s piece on Larry.

Larry King on CNN

Larry King on CNN

His ratings were sinking as his star kept rising, it was quite a media phenomenon. Here’s a quote from some LSU officials about why students weren’t charged for the event, the opportunity to hear from King and Edwards was one of learning and enhancement that students may not over-wise had access to.

That is just huge a pile of crap!!

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