Gusman to Oversee New Jail Administrator!!

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Boy, is this a HUGE mistake or what? We have a Orleans Parish Prison Consent Decree in effect since our jailer isn’t very proficient at ensuring the jail inmates’ constitutional rights. There is a new administrator coming in to guarantee that the proper changes are made in a timely manner. So who selects and oversees the administrator? Our jailer, Marlin Gusman, the guy who got us in such hot water to begin with.

How can we expect that proper changes will be made in the jail system when the guy who caused the mess is still running the show? How inane is this plan? What are the odds that the system will be fixed now? I would say the odds suck.

The two final choices for administrator are Cathy Fontenot, who is in charge of inmate programs and public relations at Angola Prison, and Michael Tidwell, the retiring chief of corrections for the Orlando jail.

Gusman has said the administrator will help ensure the Sheriff’s Office is adhering to best practices. Uh huh.

OPP Under Construction

OPP Under Construction

I vote for Fontenot. Tidwell has dirty laundry, he’s currently enduring a scandal for not properly supervising the electronic monitoring program. One defendant who had an ankle bracelet on repeatedly left his house without being caught and was named in a fatal shooting. This certainly isn’t the man for the job, he’s got his own major problems.

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