New Outrageous Traffic Court Hijinks!!

I’ve written again and again about the unbelievable crap that has been going on at Traffic Court. It blows my mind that a the entire staff hasn’t been thrown in jail!  This is another ridiculous but true tale that strains a rational person’s mind. How this could happen is imponderable.

Traffic Court Cartoon

Traffic Court Cartoon

Our tale starts in 1999, my waiter friend was going to work in the French Quarter. He made a stop a couple of blocks from his restaurant, and parked in the valet area of  an Italian restaurant for just 10 minutes. When my friend got out of his car, he was met by the establishment’s chef who was outside his restaurant having a smoke, who said you cannot park there. An argument ensued and the cops were called and my friend got in his car and drove off, with the cops in pursuit. A female cop jumped on his hood, trying to make him stop. She fell off the car. He eventually stopped and was arrested. He was treated so roughly during the arrest that he broke his arm.

Traffic Court Hearing  Document

Traffic Court Hearing

For his stupid behavior, the District Attorney piled on fourteen charges, including a drug charge for a $5 bag of weed he purchased for someone else and had in his shirt pocket. He had a public defender, who cut him a great deal- the District Attorney would drop thirteen of the charges if he would plead guilty to the minor pot charge. He took the deal, but didn’t show of for court for a couple of years. When he was pulled over for a traffic stop, he was arrested and the judge, none other than Leon A.  Cannizzaro, our current D.A., threw the book a him for running away for 2 years. He served 40 days, had to go to 40 AAA meetings, and was fined a bunch of money.

Now the story moves to 2012. In the fall, my friend began receiving postcards saying he needed to come to court. He ignored several postcards over several months before another friend went to court to find out what was going on. He discovered, to everyone’s shock and amazement, the dropped charges from thirteen years ago had resurfaced!

How did this happen thirteen years later? It defies any logic or scenario.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 15, 2013.

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