Mayor Landrieu Appeals OPP Consent Decree!!

Voted for the Mayor, voted for his dad Moon Landrieu, and voted for his sister, Senator Mary Landrieu. I like them all but am really sick and tired of the Mayor messing around with the two consent decrees, the police and jail ones.  We need both desperately, it is no laughing matter to have an out of control jail and police force. If the mayor keeps this crap up, he will lose my vote and I’ll work my butt off to make sure he loses. No second terms for mayors who don’t protect their citizens.

NOLA Mayor Mitch Landrieu

NOLA Mayor Mitch Landrieu

The mayor has been telling the court that Gusman should pay for the jail reforms. The jail is broke, I’ve written about this many times before, and Gusman told Judge Africk that he was broke, broke, broke. Why is he so broke? The feds and state have taken all their prisoners and housed them elsewhere.  Why? The jail is unsafe for prisoners.

Here’s a quote from Katie Schwartzmann, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a co-plaintiff in a civil suit alleging that inmates at the jail are held in unconstitutional conditions, where rape, abuse and neglect are widespread. We are deeply disappointed that the city has chosen to continue to obstruct and delay the desperately needed reforms at Orleans Parish Prison. Every day of delay puts New Orleanians, whom the city has a responsibility to house safely, at risk of significant harm and even death. The dangerous conditions at the jail harm thousands of people every year, as illustrated by the numerous letters of support written to the court. This administration is out of step with the expressed will of its constituents, and with the public interest. It’s extremely unfortunate that the city continues to expend extraordinary amounts of taxpayer dollars to avoid compliance with the Constitution. 

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 1, 2013.

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