New Breaux Mart Parking Scam Petition on!!

Our  petition is our first ever, though I’ve signed lots of their petitions over time. I thought the thing would take off, but it hasn’t  quite yet. You need 100 signers to keep your petition going, so we’re hopeful that will take place later this week. logo logo

Yesterday, I received a comment on my Breaux Mart Parking Scam entry from a U.S. Marine, who was here on business for the first time and happened to notice a Smash Burger location on Magazine. The Marine was with a fellow Marine, and both were in uniform.

They pulled into the Breaux Mart parking lot across the street and as soon as they left their car and cleared the parking lot, the Premier Parking Enforcement guy, or boot man, was getting a boot out of his truck and booting the Marines.

After eating, they came back and paid the usury $90 boot removable fee, and no longer like New Orleans and Breaux Mart very much.

In a perfect world, the Premier guy would have ran over to the Marines, since he watched them pull into his lot, and warned them to park elsewhere. Instead, in a crass money driven response, they disrespected the soldiers by not giving them every break possible.

That’s why the petition was started, because they disrespected the Marines. Please pass it on everywhere you can, it’s important and we appreciate your help.

What is going on with Breaux Mart? The negative pr must be very heavy and getting heavier. The new booting revenue center must be overwhelmingly profitable to throw your place in the community to the wolves.

Premier Parking Car Note

Premier Parking Car Notification

At the end of the day, around 8 pm, all remaining boots are lifted off the cars, as they leave no booted cars over night.  This indicates that Premier fears what will happen to their boots if they leave. They won’t be there in the morning, that’s for sure. These are fairly cheap boots, as boots go, and if you deflate the tire and put on your spare, you can drive home with a big piece of metal to recycle,  you have saved $90, and defeated the Breaux Mart parking scam!

~ by neworleansmusicman on June 26, 2013.

7 Responses to “New Breaux Mart Parking Scam Petition on!!”

  1. The Store Owner is a true New Orleanian…God Bless His Heart.

  2. PPS it’s not taking off bc you are on the wrong side on this one.

    Please explain to me why Breaux Mart is responsible for providing parking to all of the other business’ customers in the neighborhood. And by the way, do you even live in the neighborhood like I do?

    • The problem isn’t the booting per se, but the fact that the boot man watched the Marines leave their car, and booted them the second they left the property. We should extent every courtesy to our men and women in uniform, Breaux Mart doesn’t.
      Also, calling me names won’t get your comments on my blog. This is the only comment to make it.
      For many years, you could park in the lot with no repercussions. Breaux Mart, if really interested in retaining a positive reputation in their neighborhood, would issue a warning to everyone who parked and started to walk off. The boot man could record the license plate, so if they returned and left the lot, they could be booted then. Warning first, boot later. What do you think? That would show Breaux Mart was out to help these folks and not hurt them. No one notices all the signs because you could always park in that lot for decades through several owners since A&P had the building.
      The petition isn’t taking off because I haven’t attended to it, been busy with other business interests.
      I live on Tchoupitoulas Street not far from Breaux Mart.


    This is the “Boot Man” in the Breaux Mart Parking Lot..He is a known felon apparently. This evening he booted our car the same way he did the Marines. We called the police. Were told to pay the “Boot Man” and fight him in Civil Court. The “Boot Man” resisted giving us his name, the police made him tell us his FULL name but he refused to let us see his id. We gave him our credit card to charge the $90 to. Something told me THIS IS A SCAM!!! I called the credit card co and cancelled the transaction and the card.
    This man is not only a felon he will racially profile you! He only charges white individual’s a fine to remove the boot. He allowed several black individuals to leave while we watched.


    • Really sorry you got caught in the scam, Breaux is deeply involved, they hired the Boot Man’s company. As for your racism charge, I was with a black friend when we were booted, he was driving. We waited until dark and he removed the boot and we left. So your Hullabaloo story is our Boot Man? Great detective work! Glad you cancelled the card and the transaction.
      I still cannot believe Breaux Mart is mixed up in this scam, it’s not worth it on a PR level, but it must make them a ton of money.I always liked Breaux Mart, now I won’t shop there ever again. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

      • How is it a scam if they own the property and you park there and shop elsewhere?

        Also, your racist charges are lies. I’ve seen more black people booted than white. Get your facts straight.

        They only started doing it bc business are booming across the street and people are taking up spaces they they own so I can shop there. You people are idiots.

      • Ah, my conservative follower, Butler. Happy Holidays! I don’t talk racism, I dispute it. Get your facts straight. It’s a major scam because of the way they carry out their booting. No warning are given, even to the military. If they had the public’s best interests at heart, they would offer a warning. That’s why the city doesn’t boot you for the 1st ticket, or the 2nd. You need to have 3. Get the difference? The first two tickets are warnings.
        The boot guy has been identified and is in trouble with the law, here is a link to the story. I don’t drink! I guess you do and often. I have a family also, I’m at the grandfather part.

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