My Prediction- Gusman Goes Down on Shower Fix!!!

I do believe that the crooked deal that will get beleaguered Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman behind bars has been exposed. As I have written and written, our Sheriff can do no right anymore, everything he touches professionally comes back to bite his tush. No jailer can survive the onslaught of horrible mismanagement he has brought on himself. It is positively mesmerizing to a political and crime junkie like myself.

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

The latest and best bad deal that I predict will get Gusman indicted involves a major player in the Gusman downfall opera, John Sens, who has already pleaded guilty and cooperated with the feds. Right before the House of Detention (HOD), the ancient 10 story high rise jail, was closed down by the Sheriff, Gusman ordered a major shower renovation. He spent $213,000 to renovate showers that weren’t ever going to utilized by prisoners. It went from Gusman’s office to Sens and lord knows if any of the work was ever done or if it was finished or what.

The 11th-hour repair work went to Gulf State LLC, which had been incorporated just days before by a friend of Sens’ and a Mississippi contractor who was close to Gusman’s chief deputy at the time. Does this sound corrupt, or what? It’s not clear whether the shower repairs represent the complete extent of the last-minute repairs to the HOD.

Aaron Broussard and Ray Nagin,  the ex New Orleans mayor and Jefferson parish head have preceded Gusman in their professional fall from grace.  Broussard pleaded guilty and is serving time. Nagin hasn’t gone to trial yet.

Aaron Broussard Getting Just Dessert!!

Aaron Broussard Getting His  Just Dessert!!

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