Gusman’s New Building Has No Medical or Mental Health!!

I cannot believe just how much trouble Gusman gets himself into. He attracts trouble like very few other politicians.  Who has he pissed off this time? U.S District Judge Lance Africk, of all people. The judge feels our jailer misled him about the capabilities his expensive jail under construction will have when it is completed in a month or so.

Turns out there are no mental health or medical facilities being constructed, in this phase or the next. Wow, did Gusman ever tell a whopper! Fibbing to a federal judge isn’t a very good idea, as a matter of fact lying in court is never recommended.

I’m very sure that Gusman will be indicted while during this summer several reasons, but the video tapes that showed the world what a mess OPP really are just beyond belief. I don’t think a jailer in the world can survive those tapes. I believe he’s acting out of fear. His world is collapsing, and he is under enormous pressure. Three of his top people have all pleaded guilty to charges relating to their job performance.

Gusman has said recently that he will add suicide watch cells and a mental health facility to the building being built.

Judge Lance Africk

Judge Lance Africk

This wouldn’t be New Orleans without the mayor chiming in. Mayor Landrieu and Gusman have been feuding for a long time. The mayor says he cannot pay for two federal consent decrees (jail and police), and that Gusman has performed so poorly, he shouldn’t be be jailer anymore.

Gusman can’t stay away from the feud, stating he’s concerned about the leadership with the city. They put us in a bad position by not properly planning for public safety, he says.

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

It’s a fact that Alfrick is very tired of the feud, and even more tired of Gusman. Gusman has performed very poorly in this courtroom. The video tapes of inmates drinking beer, doing drugs, eating Popeye’s fried chicken, and coming and going from jail on their own each night have electrified the world and made Gusman look like a really crappy jailer.

Another huge point of contention is how many inmates the new facilities will  hold. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the jail held as many as 7,000 prisoners. The new jail can hold 1,200. The city has been working to lower the inmate population by not arresting folks found with a small amount of marijuana, offering them a municipal summons instead. The Vera Institute has a pretrial program which rates minor arrestees on a one to ten scale as to their likeliness to show up for court and stay out of trouble when released.

Since Gusman is paid on how many inmates he has, with so few inmates he has no money.  That is the absolute wrong way to pay for a jail, and the state legislature has to make the big change here.  A hearing tomorrow (Monday, June 24) will take a look his jail finances. Should be very interesting.

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