Breaux Mart on Magazine’s Horrible Parking Rip Off!!

Premier Parking Car Note

Premier Parking Car Note

DO NOT Park in the Breaux Mark parking lot on Magazine St, if you plan to go to another store or restaurant before going to grocery shop. They have a miserable car boot scam going on. Some person from Premier Parking Enforcement will watch you park, get out of your car, and leave the lot. In the space of 3 minutes, he’ll have a boot on your car, and charge you a minimum of $90 to have the boot removed.

Breaux Mart Coupon

Breaux Mart Coupon

This is a very disturbing and unfortunate development. When you talk to the Breaux Mart Manager, he says talk to the boot man. When you talk to the boot man, he says go talk to Breaux Mart.

The lot in question is private property. Breaux Mart obviously hired Premier to make them a ton of money, which they do. Over the 100 minutes we watched the process, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm on June 20, 2013, we saw approximately 10 bootees pay the $90.

Halfway through this ordeal, I saw some women parking and walking away from Breaux Mart. I called out to them, and that was good for the ladies, but bad for my relationship with boot man, who thought correctly I was working against him. To his credit, he came over to me to discuss what I did, but I was on the phone just then, so I couldn’t talk to him. I approached him a little later and apologized for raining on his parade.

Around 5:00, he came over to the boot and unlocked it. He told us to get out of there. We drove off and headed home. Why was our boot removed? There seem to be a couple of reasons at play- 1. We played ball with the boot man, we proved we could muster a partial payment; 2. It’s a private lot, so all boots are removed at the end of the day. Our plan B, if the boot man didn’t remove the boot, was to take the tire with the boot off the car, install a spare, and drive away.

So while Breaux Mart has discovered a miserable new revenue stream, they will be earning a lot of negative press and referrals from all those who were booted. I’m posting this blog entry, and going to Yelp, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, Twitter and all other social networking sites to warn the public not to shop at Breaux Mart!

~ by neworleansmusicman on June 21, 2013.

9 Responses to “Breaux Mart on Magazine’s Horrible Parking Rip Off!!”

  1. Wish someone would have been as nice to us as you were on those ladies. I’m a US Marine and new to town just looking for a good burger. Heard about Smash Burger so I, along with a fellow Marine made the mistake of parking there. This is the part that gets me. We were both in uniform. This guy actually watched us get out of our car and head into Smash Burger. By the time we came out, sure enough, we had a boot on our rental. The guy very nonchalantly explained how things work. In other words, how we were about to get robbed. For sake of time, I hesitantly paid the $90.00. I was in total disbelief in how heartless and cold these people are. No reach around. Had he not seen us get out of our car in our uniforms, I’d say, okay , whatever. But obviously he saw us as he even stated that he recorded us. I must say that a company that has no respect for our military deserves to get an earful. I don’t know how but this company, to include Breaux Mart will suffer some type of PR damage from this. Get the ball rolling!!!

    • Hey Cesar,
      Really sorry that two Marines got booted in the Breaux Mart booting scam!! I called the manager tonight when I got your comment, and he said he can park in the the lot,but if he walks to Walgreens next store, he will get booted. He said Premier cannot discriminate with who gets booted and who doesn’t. What a scam! I’m getting their corporate address from their web site and start petitions on and to end this awful practice. It’s shameful, terrible, and just plain wrong.

      • I am absolutely disgusted I literally walked across the street got a recipie from a friend eating at smashburger walked back over to go in the grocery to buy the ingredients and found a boot on my car. Awful way to treat customers the guy was hiding in the back of the lot waiting to boot me! This is a SCAM! I WILL never shop here again you may have gained some downstream revenue this once but as a local consumer you will never see another penny of my money for years to come. Everyone who has been scammed should put together a sting with six on your side or other local media.

      • Really sorry about your pathetic situation, Breaux Mart’s policies are really abhorrent. I haven’t shopped there in months and don’t plan to go back. My watchopp readers don’t shop there either, they are very loyal when fighting scams. I truly don’t understand the PR nightmare Breaux Mart is facing over this. They must be making so much new cash from their take of the booting scam it doesn’t affect their bottom line. Screw them now and forever!!

    • Hey Cesar,
      I did start a petition on, here’s the url
      Spread it far and wide!! Take care and it’s payback time!

  2. If I remember correctly, there are signs warning people that the parking lot is for Breaux Mart customers only. I don’t understand why you’re making an issue out of it. There’s plenty of street parking available around that neighborhood.

    • The issue is watching people park in their lot and then booting them the minute they leave the lot after decades of being able to park with no booting. The boot man should warn first, and the second time boot. And never boot soldiers in uniform! Yes there are signs, but people have always parked there without being booted. Record their license plate so you can keep track of warnings. This will preserve community relations instead of hurting them.

  3. Received a boot at Breaux Mart in late afternoon. Did not have the funds at the time to pay the $90.00. Came back after work, about 10 hours later, about 6:00 am. I work nights. Had TWO boots on the car. No question the boot man wanted to prevent anyone from coming back after Breaux Mart hours to put on a spare and drive away, figuring cars have only one spare. No sticker on the car to say what time the second boot went on. Called and waited more than an hour to have these two boots removed.

    • Sorry you parked there, they should warn everyone before booting you. That’s a PR nightmare. Haven’t heard about the 2 boots before, please comment me some additional details and I’ll insert them into the blog entry. I have a petition on here Please sign and pass on as widely as possible.

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