New Orleans School Board and Inspector General Go At It!!

When our fabulous Inspector General (IE), Ed Quatrevaux comes calling, and you have something to hide, you better shiver in your boots, because he’s not stopping until he has you in his grasp. The New Orleans School Board, who for decades were champions of corruption, is thumbing their nose at his audit request.

Ed Quatrevaux

Ed Quatrevaux

Quatrevaux’s office sent a letter to the School Board in November, 2012. That is a lot time for them to resist his inquiry. This week attorneys for the School Board answered his letter back, claiming the  IE has no right to make his request. Let me get that straight- New Orleans School Board and New Orleans IG. Seems like a perfect fit. The attorneys say his request is totally without merit. These are the arguments guilty parties make before they eventually plead guilty. Quatrevaux doesn’t need permission to audit most city agencies.

What’s up next? The IG  may have to sue the School Board for evading his audit request. He also says he’s looking at a series of audits, not just one. I just love when a  city agency like the School Board resists a perfectly ordinary request like the IG is making.

Since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August 2005, the School Board has lost control of most of New Orleans’ schools.  They had a horrible record of mismanagement and corruption. Out of this dismal record came the Recovery School District with a $1.8 billion school building master plan, a joint plan of both school systems.

The IG has been a busy man of late, releasing thorough reports on New Orleans’ support of the Sheriff’s Office, the Louis Armstrong International Airport, and police over-billing for traffic tickets. Ed Quatrevaux is a good man who works hard protecting the people of New Orleans.

Last month, the city ethics board voted to reappoint the IG to a second four-year term. That is a nice vote of confidence by the ethics board. They know very good work when they see it.

~ by neworleansmusicman on June 16, 2013.

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