Criminal Indictment Closes in on Marlin Gusman!!

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff  Marlin Gusman

I already wrote an entry on Gusman’s legal problems, when two top lieutenants pleaded guilty earlier. No one got rich from their corruption, it wasn’t chump change, but we aren’t talking about a life shattering amount of moolah.

Another top lieutenant in Gusman’s fiefdom called Orleans Parish Prison made a deal with the federal prosecutors.  Richard Molenaar III, a close friend to John Sens, the Sheriff’s director of purchasing, received $1 million in prison construction and renovation jobs at the jail. According to federal sources, Molenaar rigged bids, gave kickbacks and a swimming pool to John Sens. Molenaar and Gusman were close, according to involved sources. One million is a lot of money but he had to complete OPP construction projects with that money, which cost him much of it.

Molenaar is being charged with conspiracy to bribe. Apparently, he often bid against himself via three companies he controlled- Landmark Mechanical, Ricky’s A/C, and Custom Carpentry and Renovations. A bill of information was filed last week charging him with conspiracy. When the feds offer a bill of info, it means a deal was cut. He’s moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico since leaving New Orleans and the Criminal Sheriff’s employ.

Gusman and New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu are pitched in a court battle that I wrote about here. The court case went loco when viral videos shot on a smuggled cell phone depicting Orleans Parish Prison House of Detention inmates guzzling a tall boy Budweiser, shooting up heroin, snacking on Popeye’s fried chicken, snorting coke, and brandishing a pistol, all without any Criminal Sheriff Deputies present. The videos were shot in 2009 and they are very unbelievable, sad, and insane. This put Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman on the hot seat again, to say the least. The videos were released as evidence of OPP mismanagement in a hearing held by U.S. District Judge Lance Africk to determine if the city should be part of a federal lawsuit against Gusman filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of abhorrent conditions at the jail.

Gusman’s excuses about the jail house videos that were lost for several years were extremely lame. When federal prosecutors asked for them, they instantly appeared. He has appeared so weak of late through his court dealings and the public outcry about the videos.

Woman Walks out of OPP!

Woman Walks out of OPP!

This actually occurred in 2009, but it’s typical of the problems Gusman faces. The woman was picked up the following day. Gusman’s predecessor, Charles Foti, served for decades and never was indicted, even though he truly ran the OPP fiefdom exactly as he saw fit.

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