HANO Adopts New Enlightened Felon Hiring Policy!



It’s a sad fact that the HANO management for decades has been very corrupt. Well, this new felon policy is wonderful, progressive news, which indicates to me that HANO has turned itself around to some degree. That’s worthy of trumpeting from the streets!

Historic HANO Resident Protest After Katrina

Historic HANO Resident Protest After Katrina

This photo came from this cool unprison site

The new policy on criminal background checks will make it easier for felons to gain meaningful employment. What makes this change even more important is it was done with the cooperation of Stand With Dignity (SWD), a public housing advocacy group HANO has clashed with repeatedly in the past. Can you guess why SWD and HANO didn’t get along? HANO was misbehaving during this era.

Eliminating blocks people face when returning into society after being locked up is the point of this change, according to the HANO website. Also from the site-

Their criminal history is likely a bar to admission to most affordable housing opportunities, making post-incarceration reunification of families a near impossible dream, HANO says in the preamble to its proposed policy statement. (HANO) recognizes that, whether explicit or implicit, its practices have served to perpetuate the problem… and accepts that it has a responsibility to give men and women with criminal histories the opportunity to rejoin their families and communities as productive members.

I really like this change a lot, it’s meaningful when any major corporation or government agency adopts an enlightened employment policy concerning felons’ job prospects. When you are released from OPP or Orleans Parish Prison or and state or federal facility, you face an uphill battle getting a good job

The new policy says HANO will not undergo a criminal background check until they are offered a job.

HANO will conduct criminal background checks before anyone is admitted to housing with the risk level of each conviction reviewed by a panel of senior HANO officials.

Suppose you are arrested and serve time for a marijuana distribution charge, but no weapon was found on you or in your house.  Or you are caught and go to jail with a gun possession charge as a convicted felon. These different charges will affect your chances of getting hired by HANO.

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