NOPD Consent Decree Court Monitor Meetings Begin!!

From the City’s website–  Pursuant to an order issued by Judge Susie Morgan of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana on February 18, 2013, the City is participating in deliberations to select a monitor for the NOPD Consent Decree.  The City is participating in these deliberations reserving its arguments and rights set forth in a Motion to Stay and Motion to Vacate filed by the City. On March 6, 2013,  Judge Morgan also entered an order setting forth the process for selecting a consent decree monitor.  In accordance with the Court’s March 6, 2013 order, the City and the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) held a selection committee meeting, which was open to the public, to discuss the twelve proposals received in response to the Request for Proposals approved by the Court for selection of the Consent Decree monitor.

The proposals can be found here.

NOPD Badge

NOPD Badge

Five submissions remain:

1. The Bromwich Group
2. Elite Performance Assessment Consultants LLC
3. Hillard Heintze
4. OIR Group their web page is ‘under construction’, OIR Group should not be considered since they have no web site.
5. Sheppard Mullin

Public meetings will be held at 8 am April 2 and 3 to interview the 5 remaining companies. The meetings will be held in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s Bienville  Club Lounges, which is up gate B plaza entrance in Garage 1.

All five monitor candidates will be given up to 30 minutes to make their cases. The public then receives 30 minutes to comment on the presentations.

The evaluation committee is given up to an hour to question the monitor candidates after the public comments. Anyone who wants to submit a comment or question to the five monitors who remain can email to New Orleans attorney Richard Cortizas at with the subject line re: NOPD consent decree court monitor.

Comments may be hand delivered or mailed to City of New Orleans, Attorney for the city of New Orleans, re consent decree court monitor, 1300 Perdido St., New Orleans, LA 70112.

The DOJ and the city have until March 29 to receive comments. All other written comments must be received by noon April 8.

The monitor will be responsible for ensuring the NOPD implements a huge overhaul of NOPD as part of the federal consent decree the city asked in May 2010. The 124 page consent decree lists the hard conditions for overhauling the entire NOPD from start to finish.

NOPD Leering at a Mardi Gras Disrober

NOPD Leering at a Mardi Gras Disrober

In a response to the City of New Orleans’ recent motion to void the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) consent decree, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) today filed a motion in opposition, repeatedly citing Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s many calls to reform the police department and arguing that the city has a responsibility to ensure constitutional policing, even if that will lead to increased costs for city government.

In the past, the City has attempted to implement reforms to change NOPD’s culture without federal court intervention. None of the City’s efforts to reform NOPD on its own have been successful, reads an introductory passage in DOJ’s response. The people of New Orleans continue to seek meaningful, sustainable reform of the New Orleans Police Department, and until this recent dispute, New Orleans city leadership has been a strong supporter of this effort.

Late last month, the city moved to vacate the consent decree, a significant turnaround for Landrieu, who had been a leading proponent of federal intervention in the NOPD since he assumed office in 2010.


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