Aaron Broussard Sentenced to 46 Months in Jail!!

I both love and hate this. I’ve followed Broussard through his illustrious career as a fine public servant for decades before he obviously lost his mind and became a very poor example of a public servant crook. I’ve written about this case previously.

Just why Broussard went criminal is a real puzzle to me. U.S. District Judge Hayden Head Jr. labeled Broussard’s transparent attempts to garner a few kickbacks sophomoric. Head is a Texas federal judge brought over for this case after all judges in the Eastern District recused themselves.

It appears the judge also doesn’t understand why Broussard would all of a sudden toss his stellar career in the toilet in such a transparent way. It’s like he wanted to get caught. Whatever, I’m just glad this public crook who disappointed lots of voters has received his very just dessert.

Aaron Broussard Getting Just Dessert!!

Aaron Broussard Getting Just Dessert!!

Broussard was one of the parish’s most well-known politicians, rising through the ranks as a School Board member, Kenner mayor, Parish Council member and finally parish president. Broussard’s indictment has been the much needed catalyst for a series of changes in how the parish does business.

Jefferson Parish is now only the third political subdivision in the state to have an inspector general, and parish officials are considering new guidelines for how the parish hands out professional contracts. Discussions also are brewing about whether a parish president should have outside employment.

In addition to the Parker scandal, Broussard’s administration also was connected to a deal at the parish’s Waggaman landfill that is the focus of a separate federal investigation regarding kickbacks and bribes.

Parker and former parish attorney Tom Wilkinson were sentenced to three years probation by Head at the same time. This story is worthy of serious macabre attention for jumping on the sword, and it wasn’t a velvet or  foam sword, but a very sharp, pointy blade that eviscerated its victim.

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