Edwin Edwards and Wife Expecting First Child Together!!

Trina Edwards, the wife of former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards, announced today that the couple are expecting their first child.

Ewin and Trina Edwards S

Facebook photo- Edwin and Trina Get Intimate!!

“As of today I am officially allowed to make that announcement I’ve been dying to make…WE ARE EXPECTING!!” Trina posted on her Facebook page. She also said she is 12 weeks into the pregnancy. It doesn’t matter that Edwin is 85 years old, and will be 100 when the kid is 15. That’s impressive!!

Edwin, 85, and Trina, 34, are set to star in a reality television series on the A & E cable network called “The Governor’s Wife” which focuses on Trina’s efforts to fit in with her husband’s family, and the couple’s attempts to start their own. A & E recently announced that “The Governor’s Wife” will be delayed until summer 2013.

Edwards was released from prison after serving eight years for a racketeering conviction. A federal judge recently approved his request to end his supervised release early.

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One Response to “Edwin Edwards and Wife Expecting First Child Together!!”

  1. This is not the first time Edwin Edwards, an older man, had a baby with a younger woman. Tony Randall, an older man (a Hebrew of possibly Baltic origin), had 2 children with a much younger woman. Tony Randall is gone now, but he will be remember by his children, Jefferson and Julia.

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