British Petroleum Pleads Guilty to Criminal Manslaughter!!!

Macondo Well BOP

Macondo Well BOP

Macondo Well Blowing Up!!

Macondo Well Blowing Up!!

This is a huge, precedent setting admission by BP and the biggest criminal fine ever!! The civil suits haven’t been settled at this time, so they could cost BP double or triple this enormous fine.

At times emotional, families of some of the 11 men lost on the Deepwater Horizon addressed Federal Judge Sarah Vance on Tuesday, as she weighed whether or not to accept a plea deal reached between the Department of Justice and BP.

Under the terms of the plea, BP plead guilty to 14 criminal counts, including:

Here’s what happened in 11 counts of manslaughter– one for each of the men killed on the rig

1 count of violating the Clean Water Act

1 count for violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and a felony count of obstruction, for misleading Congress about how much oil was spewing from the well. The oil giant will also have to pay $4 billion in criminal penalties.

Before sentencing, Judge Vance said the deal appeared reasonably calculated and that it is by far the largest criminal penalty ever. 

Fishermen, who were also affected by the spill, arrived at Federal Court in a bus.

I agree with the judge, but this is the beginning for our presence in the settlements, said Anh Dao Nguyen of the Southeast Asian Fisherfolk Association.

While the criminal side of the case is finished, the civil case is far from over. A civil trial will get underway on Feb. 25 in Federal Court in New Orleans. In that case, BP faces the potential for billions of dollars more in fines.

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