Ray Nagin and the Home Depot

Former Mayor Ray Nagin

Former Mayor Ray Nagin

January 31, 2013. This could be the date or it may come a bit earlier, and I believe it very well might be, Ray Nagin is indicted for malfeasance in office. The case is being built on a triple pronged approach. I’ve written about the sad case of our corrupt, non-caring ex-mayor before.

I’m very happy about this case, how a twice elected mayor could betray his city that trusted him, I’m overjoyed about these developments.

To sum up, and I just love seeing our former mayor get his just dessert:

1. The former Home Solutions of America CEO Frank Fradella payoff prong. Fradella has already cut his deal with prosecutors.

2. Three Fold Consultants, an engineering firm founded by Rodney Williams, another payoff prong. He’s pleaded out also to reduced charges because of his cooperation.

3. The Home Depot prong involves Stone Age, the fledgling Nagin family granite counter top business. Stone Age secured a contract to be the exclusive granite installer for four HD locations around New Orleans.

Downtown New Orleans Home Depot

Downtown New Orleans Home Depot

There’s more to the Home Depot connection.  The downtown HD wasn’t built yet, and my own City Councilperson, Stacy Head, wanted a ‘Community Benefits  Agreement’ which meant local workers would be employed at a higher than local rate. The Home Depot wanted no part

Ray Nagin on Phon

Ray Nagin on Phone

of this, and Ray Nagin pushed the store through without the agreement.

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3 Responses to “Ray Nagin and the Home Depot”

  1. What is “HP?”

  2. […] written a story before stating the Nagin indictment was forthcoming, and he had to be indicted by today, since the […]

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