Much More on the Jim Letten Resignation!!

Jim and Jan Mann, both top prosecutors in the U. S. Attorney’s office, both are planning to resign. Jan Mann has been implicated as “eweman” in the scandal. It has sunk in across the City That Care Forgot, across the state, and across the nation. A titan in the world of legal justice,  Jim Letten is gone from his huge public job, just as he was about to indict the former mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin. Now it’s up to his fabulous staff to indict one of the worst mayors in New Orleans’ history.

Ray Nagin on Phone

According to Clancy DuBos, the Letten resignation was in the works for a week or more, and it is entirely possible that a political future may be in the works. The man is extremely well known and very popular.

Jim Letten talking after Glover Case Sentencing

Jim Letten talking after Glover Case Sentencing

Letten was appointed by a Republican and kept his job when Obama came into office. He survived his job for 11 years, an eternity for his political plum U.S. Attorney position.

Letten built his reputation as an assistant U.S. attorney when he secured a racketeering conviction of former Gov. Edwin Edwards in 2000. His office also successfully prosecuted corrupt judges, killer police officers, bribe-taking school officials and post-Katrina scam artists.

“The public perception of Jim Letten really transcended the position of United States attorney,” said Rafael Goyeneche, director of the Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans, a watchdog group. “In many respects, he is the public face of what the people of Louisiana want to change about the pre-Katrina ways of doing business in Louisiana.”

The online scandal that Letten got caught in involved his second in command, Jan Mann, and another federal prosecutor, Sal Perricone. They made inappropriate  under nom de plumes comments on concerning cases that were ongoing in the U. S. Attorney’s office.

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