Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

All New Orleanians into fairness will love this story as much as I do- Ray Nagin’s time has almost arrived! Jim Letten had to take his time when taking down a former mayor, but he’s got him now.

Timing is very important, as the five year statute of limitations is bearing down on the case. January 2013 is the date at least some charges have to filed by.

Over the last six months, the case has come together, and a bribery case charging Rodney Williams, the former president of Three Fold Consultants, an engineering company, with bribing the former mayor (mentioned as “Public Official A”) was unveiled last week.

Earlier this year, the former CEO of Home Solutions of America, Frank Fradella, pleaded guilty to bribing “Public Official A” in exchange for the promise of city work. Fradella delivered truckloads of granite to Stone Age, the granite business Nagin had with his sons.

Frank Fradella, former CEO of Home Solutions of America

Frank Fradella, former CEO of Home Solutions of America

To give you a bit of background about Nagin’s really bad behavior after Katrina, here’s a short reminder. When thousands of protesters marched to City Hall on January 7, 2007 to demand better police efforts, Mayor Nagin was there. While speaker after speaker compassionately spoke about the terrible toll of murder on our community, the Mayor had his mind on Singer Cabinets, of all things!

Nagin had earlier showed up at Singer Cabinets, trying to do a deal for Stone Age. The owner attempted to stave off any deals that Nagin was pushing at him. Singer believed that with the Mayor involved on the many pressing issues concerning the city’s recovery, he wouldn’t have time to deal with him.

But at the rally, Nagin responded to Singer, telling him he was available for another meeting almost any afternoon!! This made Singer very uncomfortable, as he certainly didn’t want to do business with the sitting Mayor!

That the sitting Mayor of New Orleans, presiding over the city’s on again, off again recovery, had time to conduct this kind of intense business effort with a local company is very surprising to me, and I know very well what a jerk Nagin was to New Orleans.

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3 Responses to “RAY NAGIN ABOUT TO FALL!!”

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