Power Back On After Four Days!!

No power is first and foremost, hot. People sweat at different heat points depending on their genetics. If you are part Indian, you won’t sweat at temperatures that a temperate gene pool in the South with sweat profusely. Ice and some spot to find a little cooler environment gets more important as the no power days accumulate.

All during the super slow moving storm I saw the flashing lights of the NOPD cruisers passing by outside my house slowly, and waving to the officers as they go by while I walk the dogs at dawn, dusk, and hours in between. I was happy to think NOPD was patrolling my university neighborhood in the thick and thin of Isaac.

A number of high profile cases involving former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin and former Kenner and Jefferson parish leader Aaron Broussard that were developing weekly before the storm took a week off from Isaac. No doubt the named former parish leaders were very pleased to get an unexpected time out from the focus and glare of  Jim Letten and the local media.

School is out through Labor Day for the entire New Orleans Metropolitan Area. That’s more than a week off for most kids. We don’t have many snow days but hurricane days can add up.

I rode out the storm with my son, who like all young people who survived Katrina 7 years ago, is extremely handy in a pinch with a network of even handier friends, ex schoolmates, etc. who help out selflessly when necessary to help anyone. Or stopping to aid a passing motorist with a flat tire and typically terrible factory equipped jack and lug tool, when you have a 2 ton hydraulic jack and 4 way lug wrench to make the job so much easier.

~ by neworleansmusicman on September 1, 2012.

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