Local Musician Arrested for Attempted Murder!!

Glen David Andrews with Trombone

Glen David Andrews with Trombone

Besides writing this blog and my Mardi Gras blog, I make my living as a music publisher, and I’ve had a good bit of success in my chosen field. I brought the music publisher to New Orleans for the first time who purchased three icon music catalogs- Professor Longhair, Earl King, and James Booker. All three were kept in the US when publishers around the world wanted them. That’s a key point of pride for me. Now I’m getting ready about to sell another Louisiana band, DDR, or Dash Rip Rock publishing.

Dash Rip Rock

Dash Rip Rock in Younger Days

In the past, I had a European tour connection out of New York. I’ve toured Treme, Algiers, New Birth, Mo’Lasses, TBC and other brass bands, and also Eddie Bo, Bruce Daigrepont, Irma Thomas, James Andrews, and Trombone Shorty, among other well known New Orleans musicians. There’s more but that’s for another time.

James Andrews is a very talented singer, songwriter, trumpet player, and much more. His little brother Troy ‘Trombone Shorty’ Andrews is even more talented. They have a nice cousin, also a musician, named Glen David Andrews. He’s very gregarious with a sweet nature and charisma to spare like James and Troy.

Glen David and Troy Andrews

Glen David and Troy Andrews

He’s also the unfortunate musician named in the title of this blog entry. He was arraigned on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and theft of a firearm stemming from an incident  in late May 2012.

Now I don’t know Glen like I know James and Troy. I called James to find out the story but he said the judge instituted a gag order to keep everyone quiet. He reiterated that Glen wasn’t a tough guy, but a softie.

I’ve talked to Glen a number of times, and I like him. He signed to a management company last year and positive changes began to occur for Glen. His career was on the way up and problems like Glen has now generally occur when a person’s career is on the way down. Kimball Packard is Glen’s  manager, his company is Sound Advice Management. Packard doesn’t work with difficult artists, so Glen must be easy to work with.

According to the most recent police report, on May 23 Glen allegedly grabbed a loaded handgun from a bedside drawer after punching the woman several times in the face with a closed fist. He then placed his hands around her throat while sitting on top of her on the floor. The woman screamed and told Glen there was a bullet in the chamber. He stopped pointing the gun at her and grabbed her cell phone to prevent her from calling for help.

The woman told police that she nearly blacked out from the choking. According to the attending police, the woman had a scratch on her neck and a slight bump below her left eye. I wasn’t there, but that’s not much physical evidence.

Andrews surrendered to police two weeks ago on two different warrants, once for the April 6 incident and once for the May 23 incident. Police say he hit her in the face and choked her in both incidents.

Apparently, New Orleans D.A. Leon Cannizzaro upped the charges after screening the case. He was arrested for aggravated assault but now his charge is attempted murder, a far more serious charge.

New Orleans D.A. Leon Cannizzaro

New Orleans D.A. Leon Cannizzaro

Glen Andrews is on record speaking out about his drug problems. Glen’s attorney, Robert Hjortsberg, said Andrews just completed a detox course, and was scheduled to enter a Massachusetts drug clinic that caters to musicians with substance abuse problems.
I hope everything works out for Glen, and I hope he has the smarts to stay far away from this woman.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 3, 2012.

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