Criminologist Conducts Survey of NOPD Job Satisfaction!!

Survey Graphic

Survey Graphic

Tulane University criminologist Dr. Peter Scharf has opened a huge can of worms with his survey. NOPD employees began taking the online survey in early June through June 24, when it closed. The survey was password protected, so only NOPD employees with the password could take it. It’s a fact that NOPD has morale problems, and has for some time. The amount of trials involving former NOPD officers that have occurred

According to Scharf, the response was just below 500. That’s around 30% of NOPD employees. That’s not an overwhelming response, but it ain’t too bad. All three police organizations in town- the Black Organization of Police, FOP (Fraternal Order of  Police), and PANO (Police Association of New Orleans) let their members take the survey without encouraging or discouraging them.

In 2010, another NOPD sactioned satisfaction survey was conducted. That survey showed a fairly positive result. 62% of the 548 respondents agreed or strongly agreed with “In general, I am satisfied with my job.”

No way in hell that will be the response this time will be the same. NOPD has suffered through so many black eyes this year and last, it’s hard to see a way out. The consent decree is that way out. US A.G. Jim Letten has done such a incredible job convicting cops in cases that have lagged since Katrina. No other A.G or New Orleans D. A. has been able to convict those kind of very powerful cases that helped to fix the City that Care Forgot. When rogue cops hurt the very public they have sworn to protect, only a conviction heals the city. The last few years, the city has healed while police morale has

Presently NOPD is a police force in very bad shape. They are short of personnel, and staff continues to leave the department.

~ by neworleansmusicman on August 3, 2012.

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