D.A. Collects Bad Debts For Casino- Pay Up or Go To Jail!

James Gill, Times-Picayune Op Ed Writer

James Gill, Times-Picayune Op Ed Writer

Kudos to the legendary James Gill, senior Times-Picayune (TP) Op Ed writer. This huge story is all his, and boy, does it stink to high heaven!!

When our District Attorney, Leon Cannizzaro becomes the preferred collection agent for Harrah’s casino on Canal Street, now owned by Caesar’s Entertainment, the world has become topsy-turvy once again!!

The deal offered to Cannizzaro was just too sweet to resist, obviously. Suppose I owe Harrah’s one or two million bucks. Historically, the courts wouldn’t enforce this type of debt. In the last couple of decades, Louisiana courts have held that gambling debts are collectable. Among the advantages gained by Harrah’s now is they don’t pay a commission to the D.A. As debt collector, the D.A. collects his own large fee on top of what the casino wants. If the casino has to hire attorneys to collect, those lawyers charge a pretty penny themselves.  This is a win win situation for Harrah’s. Sweet!!!

For D.A. he’s crossed the line. He’s got mud coming at him at an increasing pace. The mud is forever, because he changed his legacy on this surprising corruption, and that’s tough to take. You cannot survive this quality mud. It stains you just as surely as bank robbery blue dye does. Besides his six figure cut, Cannizzaro takes on a severe black eye.

D.A. Leon Cannizzaro

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro

The depth of this single story by James Gill is substantial, even though it’s a short op ed column in length. It’s is economical as all get out. Every line of the column tells you more about the details of the Cannizzaro/Harrah’s collusion.

Gambling has gone from using enforcers to collect from welshers to becoming Cannizzaro’s pet cause. For New Orleans, historic bastion of the payoff, this is a new low for Cannizzaro, who sullies his office when he plays in the mud up to his neck.

Harrah's Casino on Canal Street at Night

Harrah’s Casino on Canal Street at Night

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