Dollar Bill Jefferson Reports to Jail!!

Twenty Dollar Bill William Jefferson

Twenty Dollar Bill William Jefferson

How the mighty have fallen! I voted for this jerk numerous times and really believed in him and his political family. His rationale for stealing? He got sick and discovered he had no big money saved up to pass on to his large family, so he traded his good as gold political legacy for  federal public corruption and bribery convictions and 13 years imprisonment.  He very well may die in prison. His whole family followed him into political corruption. He was a fabulous teacher, as most preceded him into jail unless they were  too sick or died before starting their sentence.

He cannot be freed until he serves 11 years of his sentence.  Jefferson was convicted in 2009 on 11 of 16 charges. After a three judge appellate panel on March 26 rejected a plea by Jefferson’s attorneys for a new trial, Virginia Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III, who presided over Jefferson’s six week trial in 2009, revoked the $50,000 bail and ordered Jefferson to begin serving his sentence.

This is a great day for Louisiana, as we trust our elected officials to represent the people who elected him or her and the rest of the residents in their district.  This is how a democracy works across the land. Corruption on the scale Jefferson was convicted of is hard to imagine for us average (mostly) honest citizens.

Ellis, who said he hoped the punishment Jefferson received would serve as a beacon to warn other officials not to succumb to the cancer of corruption, gave him the longest bribery and corruption sentence ever for a member of Congress.  The previous record was 8 years for former Representative Duke Cunningham, R-CA for soliciting bribes.

Jefferson with Family after Conviction

Jefferson with Family after Conviction

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