Mushroom Record Store Shuts Down Web Store!!

Mushroom Record Store Vinyl Section

Mushroom Record Store Vinyl Section

May 5, 2012 Update

Just called the Mushroom, and they said the web site was dead, that’s my paraphrasing. That is curious to me. I think something happened that I don’t quite understand or know about yet. I’ll check a little further in the near future.

May 3 Update

The Mushroom web site is still closed down, we are talking about over 2 weeks! The store uptown on Broadway is still open 10 am to midnight, and busy most off the time. They have an incredible selection of head shop merchandise, T shirts, posters, even more music and video, both new and used, New Orleans bands, world music/video, etc.  Let alone their organic potpourri  and botanical sachets. The store also purchases a ton of used CD, vinyl, and movies. They don’t pay that well because they resell it cheaply. If you really have the rare recording or movie, they will pay better.

Called the Mushroom and they didn’t know what was going on, but he would check on it. Seeing a couple of dozen folks in the store for the huge vinyl offerings and Special Editions was a wonderful thing earlier today. They really did well during the nationwide Record Store Day, selling almost all their exclusive Record Store Day issues and tons of additional vinyl, and their vinyl business continues to do well.

Update- The Mushroom web site continues to be closed, it’s been down for almost a week. Now, the actual brick and mortar store, the Mushroom, is now closed also!! It’s 11 am on Wednesday, April 25, and the store, which opens daily at 10 am, remains closed. I’m really not sure if it will reopen. Something is going on behind the curtains, since the web store is closed.  Not sure what. Stay tuned for a follow up story as I find out more. Spoke to Dan, a friend and manager at the Mushroom, and they did open at 11:10 am.

Here’s what you find at Mushroom web site- I don’t know if it’s temporary or the shut down means more.

We Apologize for the Inconvenience.

This store has been taken offline. Please contact the website owner for further information. Thank you.

I was at the store today for Record Store Day and it was packed with vinyl purchasers buying all pricey Record Store Day special editions they could find, and the Mushroom sold out of much of the stock by 11 am when I stopped by.

The link on the Record Store Day website for the Mushroom links to the dead site. That’s not very good.

Mushroom Record Store on Broadway

Mushroom Record Store on Broadway

Their botanical sachet and organic potpourri site is alive and well.

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  1. what is the current status? opened, closed? !!!!!!!

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