Traffic Court Adds Red Light/Speeding Cameras!!

Henry Clay @ Coliseum Traffic Cameras

Henry Clay @ Coliseum Traffic Cameras

To their credit, Traffic Court (TC) has listened to the main citizen complaints and adjusted their policies accordingly.That is a step in the right direction for the often misguided Traffic Court. Standardizing divided street speed limits at 35 mph and realigning cameras to allow for higher speeds before the cameras are triggered, these are two big steps in the right direction. Normalizing school zones hours across New Orleans is before the City Council at this time. The Mayor is pushing this change, to his administration’s credit. Charter, Catholic, and School Board schools all hold differing hours of class, leading to varying times on school zone signs.

It’s not hard to see why TC at this time needs to curry the public’s favor. They are adding almost a dozen new cameras around New Orleans and they continue to rip off the Public Defender’s Office for months and months by not paying them monies owed.

NOLA Map of New Traffic Cameras, 3/3/12

NOLA Map of New Traffic Cameras, 3/3/12

I’ve written a number of stories about the huge abuses of public trust that Traffic Court has committed. This Court paid one simple accountant over $2.2 million over three years. His checks were were written by the Chief Judge. How well did the Judge know the accountant? The accountant was the Judge’s campaign manager.

Vandale Thomas, Campaign Manager for Head Administrative Judge Robert Jones

Vandale Thomas, Campaign Manager for Head Administrative Judge Robert Jones

After analyzing the map, I notice some major thoroughfares are packed with cameras and others have none!! St.Charles Avenue has five cameras, starting at Napoleon, then Louisiana, Washington, MLK and Poydras. Carrollton Avenue has five as well, from Green Street to Canal plus another at Wisner and Harrison Avenues. On Canal Street, they begin at Carrollton and extend to French (near Harrison Ave) at Canal. If you count the one at Florida Avenue off Canal Boulevard, then Canal has five cameras also.

Which major New Orleans street is heavily traveled and has NO cameras? If you guessed Claiborne Avenue, you would be correct!  From the Jefferson Parish line to past the Industrial Canal, there’s not a single camera. I’m amazed!! Broad Street has no cameras either.

Poydras has three in the Central Business District between Loyola Avenue and Magazine Street, but Tchoupitoulas has NO cameras from Audubon Park to Canal Street.

Tchoupitoulas Street Sign

Tchoupitoulas Street Sign

The best streets for east-west travel within New Orleans are Claiborne Avenue or Broad and Tchoupitoulas Streets. Travel all others at your peril!!

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