Mushroom Toutes New Dimension Hybrid Max Sachet!!!

New Mushroom Sachet, New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

New Dimension Green Organic Revolution

Stopped by the fab Mushroom, they are doing well. It’s really an incredible business at this time in history. It’s always been a successful head store for decades, but the last five years have been very different. I like the personnel at the store. They  don’t have a huge turnover, once folks are hired, they like to hang around.

They are open 14 hours per day, from 10 am to midnight. They used to be open 24/7/365, but since the Organic Sachets came out, they close for major holidays except for Mardi Gras. They do stay open 24 hours during the last few days before Fat Tuesday. Their new web site for Sachets can be found here.

The store is located on top of  Crepes A La Cart, the Boot, plus the Dough Bowl, great NY style pizza!! The location is party central for Tulane students and their friends. The Boot also has a convenience store next to the Dough Bowl.

Mushroom Records

Mushroom Records Entrance on Broadway

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